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Parents and Schools Love Us!

Ellisville is very appreciative of MyPack Gives Back program.  Without their help, many students would be without supplies the first day of school.  We enjoy working with the people of this program because they are always so empathic and understanding.  Thank you for being there and helping our students feel like they belong.

Counselor, Rockwood School District, Missouri


I cannot say enough good things about this program.   We called 12 families this year to let them know we had their school supplies taken care of, and it was the highlight of my day!  The packs look exactly the same as everyone else’s, and these students were able to start off the year with everything they need.
Counselor, Rockwood School District, Missouri


This process was SO easy and quick!  I'll definitely be doing it again next year!  

Parent, Rockwood School District, Missouri

I have been waiting for online ordering for a long time.  It was so easy to navigate the site and I have checked this off my list of things to do.

 Parent, Rockwood School District

Great and made things so easy for me!

 Julie-Parent, Parkway School District, Missouri

I found your service was a huge time-saver that freed up time to enjoy more summer fun and back to school traditions outside of walking the aisles of the office supply stores! 

 Parent, Springfield Public Schools, Illinois

I love this service!

 Parent, Rockwood School District, Missouri

Thank you for making this task so much easier for us as parents.  I really hope that your service will be available in the future.

 Parent, Mehlville School District, Missouri

I LOVE this service so I don't have to elbow other people out of the way to get supplies at the store.  I've mentioned your site to several other parents and how easy it was to use!

  Parent-Lindbergh School District, Missouri

Thank you for helping our students.  By being able to contribute supplies to their class the students feel more apart of their classes, and are more confident in doing their work. Thank you!

Elementary Counselor, Mehlville School District, Missouri

Our school is extremely grateful for The MyPack Gives Back program.  Every year, we have students that come to school without supplies.  This year, these childrens' supplies were waiting for them.  It was wonderful to see the look on their faces when they saw that they had the exact same supplies as all of their peers.  What a great way to start the school year!!

Elementary Counselor, Rockwood School District, Missouri